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Corporate Fashion

Tricorp BV

P.O. Box 74, 5120 AB Rijen
Stedenbaan 11, 5121 DP Rijen
Telephone +31 161 295577
Fax +31 161 295570

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A+A 2019 hall map (OA Hall 5): stand 5-10, stand 5-13

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A+A 2019 fairground map: OA Hall 5


Nina Adams

Geschäftsführerin Tricorp GmbH



Jerry Liem

Sales director Europe Tricorp B.V.



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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Safety at work
  • 01.01  Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • 01.01.12  General protective clothing

General protective clothing

  • 01  Safety at work
  • 01.01  Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • 01.01.26  Warning clothing

Warning clothing

  • 01  Safety at work
  • 01.02  Corporate Fashion/Identity/Image Wear
  • 01.02.02  Corporate Fashion

Corporate Fashion

  • 01  Safety at work
  • 01.02  Corporate Fashion/Identity/Image Wear
  • 01.02.03  Corporate Wear

Our products

Product category: Corporate Wear


Years ago, Tricorp was one of the first workwear brands, introducing bicolour workwear to the market. As we want to remain a trendsetter in terms of workwear, we keep developing and modernising. As a result, our protective clothing experts, in cooperation with the best designers, have developed a new bicolour-line. Bicolour 2.0 as it were. Read what is new about this modern and stylish workwear.

Over the years our typical bicolour-line has developed into a real classic among workwear. Since we are always working on innovating and developing, we have created new designs of the classic bicolour-line. The designs of the new bicolour workwear were realised last year. Different parties contributed to the creation of this design. Also, the opinion of our dealers was incorporated in the new design.

It is not just the design that is new about the bicolour. The clothing is washable up to 60 degrees, which is convenient in connection with a lot of the activities! Furthermore, the fit has been improved, as a result of which the clothing fits even better and proves flexible during work activities.

The new bicolour workwear has a more modern look. The original bicolour workwear was striking on the sides with its coloured patches. The new bicolour workwear has a coloured print on the top side, in which also the sleeves have been included. The colour separation at the front is somewhat more diagonal, while the colour separation at the back runs straight. This was done to allow space for possible prints on the back. The new bicolour workwear comes in different colour designs, so there is more to choose from. This makes the workwear look well on the new workers.

The colour composition at the back of the workwear is ideal for printing company logos. Tricorp offers customisation in this, also for the bicolour workwear. Customisation can be realised in different ways; for instance, the printing of logos, but also the adding of labels, application of neck-tape or different buttons. The Tricorp customisation ensures that not only you are wearing top-quality and top comfort workwear, but also that this can be worn using your own corporate identity.

The new selection is online! Below, you can read more about the new products.

T-shirt Bicolour Seams
The bicolour T-shirts are available in no less than 12 different colour compositions. The primary colour of the T-shirts is blue, grey or black. A matching top end can be chosen, but also in a totally different colour, for instance, orange. The T-shirts are made of 50% polyester and 50% combed cotton. They are available in sizes XS to 8XL.

Polo shirt Bicolour Seams
The polo shirts bicolour Naden are also available in 12 different colour compositions. The collar of the polo shirts also come in the primary colour of the polo shirts. The polo shirts are washable up to 60 degrees. There is a wide range of sizes available, from XS to 8XL. The polo shirts do not have a chest pocket.

Polo sweater Bicolour Seams
A somewhat warmer option is the polo sweater. The polo sweater is available in the same colours and sizes as the shirts. The polo sweater is made of 70% combed cotton and 30% polyester.

Softshell Bicolour Seams
The softshell coats are also available in the new bicolour Naden colour compositions. The softshell coat is made of 100% polyester. Across the zip, there is a storm flap that ensures the coat to be waterproof. The coat can be washed at 40 degrees. The bottom of the coat can be adjusted in size by use of the cord on the inside.

Do you any questions or remarks with regard to the new bicolour selection? Then feel free to contact us. We will be happy to advise you about the workwear that would best fit your situation. Have a chat with one of our experts!

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Product category: Corporate Wear


A perfect pair of work trousers provides sufficient comfort at work and offers sufficient protection. With the introduction of the work trousers Twill, Twill Cordura and Twill Cordura Stretch work trousers that are multi-usable have been added to our assortment. They are very light and very comfortable to wear. Add to this that the work trousers have been provided with a nice look and you can speak of ‘perfect work trousers’. In this article we will further discuss the properties of these work trousers and what makes them so special.

For the base material of work trousers there are two options. The first option is a pair of 100 % cotton. Cotton has the property of absorbing moisture well. As a result, perspiration is removed quickly. The fabric is also comfortable and lasts long, even after many washes. Cotton is often chosen if the wearer perspires a lot during work.

The second option is a blend of cotton and polyester as a base. Polyester is a light and smooth fabric that is soft to the touch. It has the additional advantage that the shape and colour of polyester are not easily affected.

In addition to the base, our perfect work trousers have some special properties that distinguish them from other work trousers. We use Twill, Cordura and Stretch for this. We will explain below what this means exactly.

If you work in the logistic sector and are looking for a pair of light-weight work trousers, the Twill work trousers are a good option. Twill is the way the fabric is woven, with a twill weave. This makes the fabric very strong. The weave is tight and thus resistant against outside influences. The fabric is not only very robust but also light and comfortable. The twill is also used for jeans. In addition, the Twill work trousers are characterised by #reflection print and a high back. An alternative for Twill work trousers are for instance the Canvas work trousers. These are woven with a plain weave. In general, canvas work trousers are a bit stiffer in wear.

The type of work has a lot of influence in the choice of work trousers. Are you working in the construction industry? Then our Twill Cordura is the right choice for you because of the hard-wearing properties of these work trousers. Cordura is a collective name for a number of textile types. As its main property, Cordura is extremely hard-wearing, because the fabric is very strong. The fabric is also used for products and clothing for soldiers. If you perform work that makes your trousers wear quickly, for instance because something scrapes against them, then work trousers with knee pads of Cordura is a good choice. In our Twill Cordura and Twill Cordura Stretch work trousers the fabric is used for the knee pads. As a result, the work trousers become both stronger and more hard-wearing.

For work that requires a lot of movement and long hours, our luxurious worker is the best suited: the Twill Cordura Stretch. The freedom of movement and the wearing comfort of this worker are unmatched. Even after a long day’s work you do not want to take these trousers off. The use of stretch in work trousers is becoming more and more popular. By incorporating supple mechanic stretch components in the trousers, freedom of movement is optimal. In this worker, the stretch components are found at the knees and in the crotch. As with the Twill and Twill Cordura, the waist of the Stretch variety can be adjusted to match your preferences, using an elastic band in the waist.

In general, we of Tricorp take every professional into account: small, large, basic and slim fit. All three types of work trousers are therefore available in three lengths.

For ladies, too, we have the perfect work trousers in our assortment. The Twill is a good option if you are looking for ladies’ work trousers with a female fit. Moreover, they are light-weight trousers with a high back and an adjustable waist band. These trousers also have reflection print on the legs, a nice detail!
It is important that the trousers fit well, offer the right functionalities and has sufficient storage pockets. But much more is possible. Accessories not only make your work outfit complete, but are also highly functional. For instance, combine your trousers with matching adjustable swing pockets. These can be attached to the invisible Velcro fastening of our workers. Knee pads can also be attached to the trousers at various heights.

Besides the style, fabric and standards of the trousers there are a number of other points to pay attention to upon purchase. Are you working on your knees? Than it is wise to choose work trousers in which knee pads have been incorporated. This protects the knees and makes working more comfortable. For additional protection, for instance for road workers, knee cushions are also available.

It is also good to see how much can be stored in the trousers. With most activities, it is awkward to have little storage room for tools. It means one has to walk up and down a lot, at the expense of efficiency. So look closely how many pockets the trousers have. It is also possible to attach swing pockets to the trousers. Swing pockets ensure more storage space. The swing pockets are attached to an invisible Velcro fastening.

All our products have a description on what functionalities are offered by the trousers and what they are made of. So view our complete collection of work trousers. Do you want personal advice for making the right choice? We’re glad to help!

Work clothes of Tricorp are safe, strong and reliable.

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About us

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Tricorp supplies workwear for every professional; not just workwear for men and women, but workwear for professionals in the most diverse fields. We believe that professionals are entitled to demand more from their workwear. It must fit perfectly. Professionals come in all shapes and sizes, but that is not a problem for us, since our efforts are focussed on developing collections of uniform workwear that are available in various sizes and fits. Workwear must be suitable for the work of the professional, so we offer a single collection of workwear that suits each individual.

Company data

Number of employees 50-99
Foundation 1993
Area of business
  • Industry
  • Construction industry
  • Logistics, transport, traffic
  • Agriculture, forestry and fishing
  • Hospitality industry
  • Suppliers
  • Textile services
Target groups
  • Work safety specialists (safety engineers and technicians)
  • Person, plant and property protection
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