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  • Allegro Capital, Logistics, Services & More GmbH

    Mönchengladbach, Germany
    We are a German company and manufacturer of a biological multi-absorber. SORB®XT is a purely organic natural fiber that binds within seconds all kinds of oils, lubricants, emulsions, fuels, many
    Allegro Capital, Logistics, Services & More GmbH
  • aquanesa solution GmbH

    Bruchköbel, Germany
  • Azett GmbH & Co. KG

    Ungerhausen, Germany
    Azett: "Clean with system" and "Clear, compact, effective" Professional skin protection at the workplace and cleaning agents "from professionals for professionals" are the
  • DermaPurge GmbH

    Dresden, Germany
    We develop state-of-the-art skin cleansing products for occupational safety: whether as first aid applications or in daily use, our products are effective while always being gentle on the skin - so
  • GOJO Central Europe GmbH

    Rödermark, Germany
    GOJO INDUSTRIES GOJO Industries is a leading manufacturer and marketer of skin health and surface hygiene solutions for out-of-home environments. Founded in 1946, GOJO is a family-owned company with
  • HERWE GmbH

    Sinsheim, Germany
    As an internationally successful, medium-sized manufacturer, HERWE offers a high-quality, innovative and customer-oriented range of skin protection, skin cleansing, skin care and skin hygiene
    HERWE GmbH
  • MCD Medical Care Dental GmbH

    Bedburg, Germany
    We are a company with many years of experience, extensive expertise and a wide range of medical and non-medical disposable as well as reusable products. Our products range from disposable clothing,
    MCD Medical Care Dental GmbH
  • MEIKO Deutschland GmbH

    Offenburg, Germany
    MEIKO develops innovative solutions for cleaning and disinfecting PPE in the respiratory protection workshop. The company offers everything from a single source: consulting, planning, technology,
    MEIKO Deutschland GmbH
  • Nettuno srl

    Castelli Calepio (BG), Italy
    Nettuno is an ideal partner for those seeking a solution for hands that is efficient, fast and high quality and which respects the environment, for those seeking the support of a reliable supplier
  • OSMA Trocknersysteme GmbH

    Obervellach, Austria
    OSMA Trocknersysteme GmbH For 30 years, we have taken up the challenge of constantly developing ourselves in the drying sector. Therefore, it is our responsibility to keep our product and service
  • Sustainability

    Paul Voormann GmbH

    Velbert, Germany
    TRUST IN QUALITY - To protect your skin The experience and development work of more than 55 years results in the expertise of Paul Voormann GmbH with our high-performance products for professional
    Paul Voormann GmbH
  • Digital Performance Sustainability

    Peter Greven Physioderm GmbH

    Euskirchen, Germany
    Skin protection creams, skin cleansers, skin care and disinfectants are the four pillars of an integrated skin care concept which is offered by the German manufacturer Peter Greven Physioderm (PGP),
    Peter Greven Physioderm GmbH

    Zwolle, Netherlands
  • Pronomar B.V.

    Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, Netherlands
    We are Pronomar, founded in 2007 and born from a maritime background. We are specialized in the provision of drying systems for workwear as well as the Merus water treatment technology. These
  • Sustainability

    SC Johnson Professional GmbH

    Krefeld, Germany
    SC Johnson Professional® is part of of family company at work for a better world.  As one of the leading suppliers of professional skin care, cleaning and hygiene solutions, SC Johnson
    SC Johnson Professional GmbH
  • Sycamore UK Ltd

    Maidenhead, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    BIG WIPES PRODUCTS CLEAN AND PROTECT  BIG WIPES ™ (Sycamore UK Ltd) is the market leading expert in industrial cleaning wipes, offering a wide range of specialized cleaning wipes and spray for