Narda Safety Test Solutions GmbH

The new RadMan 2 – simply activate to work safely in electromagnetic fields

Anyone working in or near high intensity electromagnetic fields (EMF), such as radar antennas, broadcast transmitters, or cellular base stations, must be able to control their exposure from EMF/RF Radiation emitted from these RF transmitters. The best way to control exposure from potentially dangerous RF Radiation is a wearable RF monitor or Personal safety equipment (PSE) which produces a warning when critical EMF/RF values are close to or have exceeded the limit for human and safety. Narda Safety Test Solutions has now developed the RadMan 2 for complex monitoring of current and future 5G and millimeter wave technologies.  This small, handy device is worn on the body to provide instantaneous and reliable indication of the impermissibly high levels of exposure to electromagnetic radiation like no other device of its type.

Workers in unknown electromagnetic fields can easily determine if the levels are within the safe limits with a RadMan 2 clipped to their belt, particularly when working in an unknown EMF/RF environment. The shaped frequency response of the personal monitor ensures that the correct alarm threshold is automatically set for the entire frequency range. The permitted limit values specified in the standards vary depending on frequency. As the device has sensors for the E field (electric) as well as for the H field (magnetic), the distance between the field source and the person is immaterial – whether in a strong electric or magnetic field. The higher value of either will always trigger the alarm and will be displayed as a percentage of the applicable upper limit, e.g. as stipulated by ICNIRP/FCC/IEEE/SC-6. The unit has three alarm indicators, ultra-bright flashing LED, loud audible and also vibrates. With these alarm indicators you are sure not to miss a warning.

The unit is simple and easy to use, power it on and your protected. The unit performs a self-check of the electronics and more importantly a sensor test to confirm that the sensors are functioning correctly. An external test generator is no longer required to test the unit is functioning. This self-test capability incorporated in the RadMan 2 for the first time in any personal monitor, provides a sense of confidence. A special RF absorber between the sensor and the body ensures that the actual field strength is measured accurately and correctly during operation by eliminating the effects of the body such as reflections, which could lead to inaccurate readings. The Radman is not only robust and weatherproof, with its IP-65 rated housing. With one hand operation, the unit can easily be removed from its holder to perform isotropic field exposure measurements and leaks from coaxial cable and connectors (image 1). This ensures the reliable display of all hotspots in both the E field and the H field, regardless of the orientation of the device. The built-in rechargeable batteries give an unprecedented 800 hours of operating time from a single charge.

The new radiation monitor is available in two versions: the XT (image 2), with a range of up to 60 GHz, offering one of the broadest frequency coverage range of any RF Personal Monitor, this model will accurately and reliably monitor and alert the user of the presence of radio, radar and cellular as well as 5G millimeter wave technologies. Then there is the economical “LT” model for monitoring frequencies up to 8 GHz. Although this model doesn’t offer as many features and functions of the premium “XT” version, it still offers the same level of protection at a fraction of the cost.

Exclusive to the XT version is the “RF detection” mode with its tone search function. This feature allows for precise isotropic type measurements for searching for leaks at arm’s length. As the field source is approached, the change in the pitch of the tone allows the operative to quickly, simply, and reliably check that the antenna is actually switched off before getting too close. Finally, the “Pulse” mode setting causes the alarm to respond much faster, allowing the reliable detection of brief, pulsed signals.

Narda’s RadMan 2 perfectly combines clever innovation and the decades of experience gained by being the market leader, with the tried and tested technology of its predecessor, the best-selling personal monitor in the world. This latest generation test and warning device offers the highest degree of safety and makes invisible electromagnetic fields audible and visible when internationally standardized limit values are detected.