Cardiac Science

Cardiac Science was founded in 1991, and has quickly become a leader in developing and marketing potentially life-saving AED technology. The company has continually brought innovation to the AED category, and has achieved more than 100 patents in pursuit of its primary goal: to contribute to saving more lives by delivering the highest quality AEDs available. From Rescue Ready® technology that self-tests Powerheart® AEDs every day and helps ensure readiness, to STAR® Biphasic technology that customises defibrillation energy to the patient, Powerheart AEDs incorporate technology that ensure they are easy to use and
ready to rescue. It’s a legacy of innovation that goes back to the company’s early days, when Cardiac Science developed the frst FDA-cleared fully automatic defibrillator.
Cardiac Science is headquartered near Madison, Wisconsin, in the United States, with commercial operations around the world. With over 500,000 AEDs now deployed, the company is a global leader in the AED category. Every Cardiac Science employee around the world is committed to extending the company’s legacy of quality, readiness, and innovation, with the ultimate goal of helping save more lives from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). 
Since 27th August 2019, Cardiac Science is now part of the ZOLL Medical family