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World`s first cooling basecap with high visible neck protection on A+A 2017: For more security and health with high outdoor temperatures at work

Working in heat is exhausting. Fatigue, concentration loss and performance decrease as well as health problems arise and may lead to short and longterm health damages in the summer time.

To beat against the heatstress of the body E.COOLINE cooling apparel has still proven its efficacy. E.COOLINE is easy to use and highly effective to prevent health and safety risks with high temperatures.

With a performance of up to 660 Watt/l cooling energy E.COOLINE can achieve  up to 12°C lower skin temperatures. The body stays much cooler and is relieved of the body`s own thermoregulation. For more concentration and performance as well as better health.

Now -  specifically for outdoor workers - pervormance international GmbH has developed the E.COOLINE Powercool SX3 Basecap PRO. The protective neck shade of this brand new basecap is designed in a high visible orange and protects the sensitive skin at the neck part against dangerous UV rays.

The Basecap PRO therefore fulfills the requirements of the German Trade Association which asks for headgear with UV protective neck part.

The new basecap leads to a fast and easy to wear cooling effect and protects the skin. As skin cancer is one of the most dangerous occupational diseases, the new basecap can effectively protect workers from this risk.

The neck part is furthermore designed in a high visible color to increase the visibility and it is fixed non-detachable at the basecap. Therefore this design meets the demands of German trade associations which helps companies to protect their employees with subsidies of up to 50% of the investment.

The PowerSignal Vest SX3 with actual EN 20471 certification is the perfect combination for a cooler body and better health with high temperatures during the summer time.

Both products are sponsored by trade associations in Germany.