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We know the ins and outs of the regional markets’ specific requirements and have highcalibre contacts to all the relevant market participants and target groups via our network. Whether it is raw material suppliers, manufacturers or users of products, processes or systems, each of our events offers a customised platform for business, fruitful discussions and innovative partnerships. Our excellent relationships with industry associations, the press and influentials ensure that our trade fairs create a buzz and are exceptionally well received.

A+A 2017

Logo: A+A 2017 (Safety, Security and Health at Work)

Düsseldorf, Germany

17 - 20 October 2017
Safety, Security and Health at Work

Whether you are looking for innovations and solutions for every need or intensive dialogue with experts from around the globe, A+A is the No. 1 event for the international industry of Safety, Security and Health at Work. No other trade fair attracts as many trade visitors intent on researching potential investments.

Main Themes

  • Safety at work
  • Security at work
  • Health at work / Corporate Health
  • Fire Protection / Disaster Management
  • Corporate Fashion
  • A+A Congress and ILO Conference


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Logo: INOS+H Expo

New Delhi, India

15-17 March 2017
Indian Occupational Safety + Health Exhibition

INOS+H Expo India will run for the first time from 15 to 17 March 2017 at the Vigyan Bhawan Exhibition Centre in New Delhi, parallel to the occupational safety conference of the International Social Security Association (ISSA) “Vision Zero”.

Focus topics will be Safety at Work / Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Health Promotion and Security Management at Work. These are themes that are gaining ever increasing importance in India’s current economic climate and as a market and investment destination for foreign companies.


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Logo: TOS+H (Turkish Occupational Safety + Health Exhibition)

Istanbul, Turkey

6-9 May 2018 
Turkish Occupational Safety + Health Exhibition

TOS+H takes place parallel to the International Occupational Safety and Health Conference of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security. That way it affiliates itself to the most important conference in Turkey on labour protection and positions itself as the most important industry platform to reach the responsible decision makers in the industry.

The last major conference was held in 2011: the World Congress for Occupational Safety and Health, which was organised by International Labour Organisation (ILO) together with International Social Security Association (ISSA). Now it is the stated goal to organise an international conference every two years growing on what has been learned from the World Congress and to position itself as a driver of occupational safety not only in Turkey but in neighbouring countries as well.


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OS+H Asia

Logo: OS+H Asia (Occupational Safety + Health Exhibition for Asia)


29 - 31 August 2018
The 11th Occupational Safety + Health Exhibition for Asia

Since its first inception in 1998, OS+H Asia has established itself as a unique platform with significant impact on the occupational safety and health (OSH) development in Singapore and the whole ASEAN region.
Staging cycle: every two years.

Main Themes

  • Environmental control
  • Fire protection
  • Occupational medicine, hygiene and industrial first aid
  • Personal safety equipment
  • Safety equipment and safe facilities
  • Workplace ergonomics


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Ugol Rossii & Mining

Logo: Ugol Rossii & Mining

Novokuznetsk, Russia

6 - 9 June 2017 
24th International Trade Fair for Mining Technology, Preparation, Material Handling and Safety & Security

Novokuznetsk lies in the Kuznetsk Basin and is on Agglomeration of Siberian heavy industry. Settled branchesof industry: Coal, steel and chemicals. When making investments, Russian companies continue to primarily rely on the knowhow of western suppliers. Especially when it comes to occupational and machine safety, a lot of trust is placed in the knowledge and the experience of European companies.

The UGOL ROSSII & MINING trade fair, one of the most important mining trade fairs for the Russian industry, is therefore an ideal place to develop new business potential.
Staging cycle: every year


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Logo: COS+H (China International Occupational Safety & Health Exhibition)

Beijing, China

4-6 September 2018
China International Occupational Safety & Health Exhibition

With the world‘s largest labor groups, China’s market value of the occupational protection and safety products is estimated to reach about 130 billion RMB. The huge potential lies in the broad market space and the current product level which needs to be improved.

Founded in 2002, COS + H is held every two years and has become the leading trade fair in Asia, covering a wide product range including personal protective equipment, mining safety, safety monitoring instrumentation and automation, emergency rescue etc. COS+H 2012 has attracted all together 281 exhibitors from 15 countries and regions, including:
69 exhibitors from overseas and 212 exhibitors from Mainland China. The exhibition took up 12,000 square meter exhibiting space while 8,309 trade visitors visited the event.
Staging cycle: every two years.


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Logo: A+A at RISCON TOKYO 2018

Tokyo, Japan

October 2018
Security and Safety Trade Expo

With 342 exhibitors and about 20,000 visitors in 2016, RISCON TOKYO represents Japan's largest trade fair for security and safety. In cooperation with Messe Düsseldorf, the aim of the trade fair is to further expand and promote the increasingly important area of occupational safety and health.

RISCON has a high level of satisfaction among visitors, with 96.9% reporting satisfied, and 99% planning to return in 2017. RISCON is also characterized by a dense concentration of high-value visitors: 57% are decision makers or integral to the decision-making process (figures from 2016).

Why Japan?

- An attractive market: Japan is the second-largest economy in Asia with a working population of 54 million people.

- The Japanese PPE-market is projected to reach an annual growth rate of 8%, leading to an expected market volume of 2,85bn Euro in 2022 (2014: 1,54bn Euro).

- The current “Program for Occupational Safety” (2013-2017) reflects a significant shift in the perception of health in the workplace. Increasingly, stress reduction and improving mental health are being recognized as crucial factors in the prevention of accidents.

- Japan’s aging population and its increasing number of elderly workers require the PPE-industry to make corresponding adjustments to industrial safety measures and products.

- Strict regulations in Japan’s OSH and the country’s strong adherence to control provide unique opportunities for the manufacturers of innovative PPE products and solutions.