ARBESKO AB, a strong independant product company within the BERGMAN & BEVING group

Bergman & Beving have aquired all shares in the Arbesko Group (April 3)

– This is very positive for us as well as our customers. We will continue to develop safety- and occupational shoes in our own unique way, like we have always done. The difference is that we have a new, strong owner behind us, says Peter Svensson, new Managing Director at Arbesko.

Arbesko is a successful family business with its’ own research and development, as well as production (in for example Kumla, Sweden) of safety- and occupational footwear for proffessional users. We have a long and fascinating history behind us. What started with Sweden’s first shoe retailer five generations ago is now a company with a 200 million SEK annual turnover, and appr. 120 employees. Arbesko is the market leader of safety- and occupational footwear and established both on and outside the Nordic market. Arbesko’s shoes are distributed through several of the leading building and industrial resellers in the Nordic countries.

Arbesko has a long term focus on how the feet affect the wellbeing of the rest of the body – and the importance of wearing the right shoes in order for the user to have energy left over for everyday life. Our focus on quality and ergonimics is unique. Furthermore, the shoes are equipped with a host of clever functions and innovative solutions.

Bergman & Beving develop competitive solutions within products and services – premium brands -that stand for innovations and quality for proffesional users within the building and industrial sectors. The company markets their services through several resellers in numerous countries. Sales take place through each individual entity, and sales channels are honed based on each company’s unique predicaments.

– With their very clear focus on premium brands, Bergman & Beving was a natural choice as new owner of Arbesko, and responsible for developing Arbesko in the future, says Peter Geisler, who after 34 years as owner and Managing Director felt that selling the company was a natural step to take. Tomorrow’s market demands the ability and the resources to continue to develop longterm, which Bergman & Beving offers. We at Arbesko look forward to continuing our positive and longterm development with our customers and resellers – and with a new, strong owner that shares our goals and values.

Arbesko will continue to be managed as an independent product company within Bergman & Beving.

– Arbesko is a well established company with high competence amongst its’ staff, a strong brand, good customer relations and a strong position on the Nordic market, says Pontus Boman, Managing Director at Bergman & Beving. The acquistion is entirely in line with the Bergman & Beving strategy, where our product companies develop premium brands within various product- and usage areas, for proffesional users within the building and indsutrial sectors. We see very good possibilities for further development and growth of Arbesko as part of Bergman & Beving.